Japanese Beef & Halal Beef


Wagyu -Japanese Beef

The charm of Wagyu Japanese beef -gaining worldwide popularity

Wagyu a work of art , blessed by japan’s rich nature and food culture

Japanese food is booming throughout the world, Wagyu Japanese beef is a main figure in Japanese food that has capture the whole world.   Delicious taste of wagyu and its functionality. Unique wagyu aromas and textures, Umami in the lean meat part, and specific cooking methods that enhance these characteristics make wagyu so delicious.   Wagyu has since grown together with the Japanese food culture of thinly slicing and simmering the meat with vegetables in a pot, s in sukiyaki and shabu shabu. It has captured global attention not only as a high quality food ingredient but also as a work of art.



What is "Hidagyu" ?

Among the Japanese black Wagyu beef farmed in Gifu,this title is given only to the beef which clears strict criterion such as meat quality grade, fattening period.etc.
The cattle are raised with extreme care by each producer and surrounded by bountiful nature with clear streams, making "Hidagyu" smooth and tender and caring it reputaition for its melt-in-your mouth texture and delicious taste. As regards as serving ideas, it is very delicious in stewed dishes as well as Japanese dishes such as Sukiyaki and Shabu-Shabu, not to mention as a steak or from a barbecue.

Halal certified
we proudly handle a great variety of Japanese Beef ”Wagyu”"Halal Beef" such as Hida Beef,Oumi Beef and more.