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Halal Certified

Gluten Free Noodles

These are chewy gluten-free noodles made with 100% Japanese rice flour.
They are made without the 27 allergens that must be declared, including wheat flour, and are safe for people with food allergies to eat.
We prepared 2 types of noodles: ramen and fettuccine.

This product is halal-certified.

Halal Certified
Product name

Halal Gluten Free Noodles

Net Weight



Rice flour, Tapioca, pea protein, Salt, Agar agar, Konjak, Stabilizer(thickening polysaccharide, alginate ester)Sodium lactate, Vitamin B2

Case Contents


Case size

270mm×445mm×150 mm


Avoid direct from sunlight, keep in  a cool and dry place

Shelf Life

6 months
Keep Frozen: 10months

Made in Japan
Gulten Free Noodle
Gluten Free Noodle