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Langue De Chat

We have created sweets without using Pork and alcohol ingredients to be enjoyed by Muslims. Even if the ingredients have been changed, this cookie still tastes good. This white chocolate Langue de chat which is popular in Japan can be used as gifts and at parties.



Matcha (Green Tea)


This is a refined matcha(Green tea) Layer cake. The main ingredient is a powder blend of matcha and sencha, so that you can enjoy its simple yet natural taste.

Japanese Beef

Halal Beef

Wagyu is actually Japan's origin brand though Aussie beef named and registered trade mark. You’ll know the differences once you taste it, it’s the premium.



Halal & Gulten Free

Japanese Ramen

These products are Halal certified and made in Japan.
We prepared 2 types of noodles: Instant Ramen and Gulten Free Noodles.


Dates Syrup

Our Dates Syrup is a concentrated liquid extracted from 100% dates. It is all natural with no additives or preservatives with no added sugar and is a healthy and nutritious sweetener substitute.




HMB Supliment

HMB is a metabolite of the branch chain amino acid leucine. It is claimed that HMB decreases muscle protein breakdown and increases muscle mass and strength development and reduces muscle damage/soreness.