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No Pork, No Alcohol

Matcha(Green Tea) BaumKuchen

We used two kinds of green tea with different appearances and tastes to finish off this two-layered baumkuchen. The layer-by-layer carefully baked batter brings out an intense flavor with its moist yet light texture.    The tea used in this cake is called "deep-steamed green tea" and is steamed longer than usual. For that reason, the bitterness lessens, the sweetness increases,  and it takes on a mellow and rich taste compared with ordinary tea. Additionally, because of the fineness of its leaves, deep-steamed green tea also has the effect of being able to absorb more catechin and theanine, vitamin groups, and dietary fiber. 

No Alcohol, No Pork
Muslim Friendly Cake
Muslim Friendly Cake
Product name

Matcha BaumKuchen


Eggs,Sugar,Butter,Heavy Cream,Shortening(soy-derived),Almond,Powder Sugar,Wheat Flour,Green tea,Starch Syrup,Starch,Trehalose,Emulsifiers,Acid,Sorbitol,Flavour,Food Colours(Carotene)






Store at room temperature in a dark place away from direct sunlight

Shelf Life

40 days
Keep Frozen: 6months