Clear Mind Pro – for E sports player-

It helps maintain a healthy body and mind for esports players and supports reaching the next level.

Targeting Esports market

In recent years, esports has gained popularity all over the world and it is expected the industry will keep growing rapidly. In view of the massive market, we made a brand new product for esports players to help improve their performance in a healthy way.

To keep the best performance

Many esports players drink energy drinks or coffee to stay focused or to clear their heads while they are playing. However, these drinks contain caffeine, which could be addictive if taken too much, and its diuretic effect may distract them while playing.

Therefore, we used alternative ingredient instead of caffeine to make a healthy product.

Product Features

Contains vitamin A

Vitamin A helps with night vision, relieves tired eyes after looking at screen for long time and also it treats dry eyes

Caffeine free

We used Zynamite as an alternative to caffeine. Zynamite, which is mango leaf extract( Mangifera indica leaf extract) is proven to enhance brain activity and sustain mental and physical energy.

No diuretic effect

There is no side effects such as diuretic effect from caffeine. It helps increase your performance for a long period of time.

Stress management and relaxation effect

Our product contains Serenzo, which is an all-natural ingredient to help with stress management. It reduces stress symptoms, improves mood also, it is calming and soothing.


You can take it anytime without water.