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Halal Restaurant Matching Information

halal food/restaurant

We make arrangements for restaurants that provide halal food, of which there are still few in Japan.

In Japan, searching for restaurants that meet specific customer needs such as food type, price, and preference for private rooms can be difficult.

Since we provide halal beef nationwide, we can utilize that information to provide information about restaurants that match the needs of customers.

Traveler Merits

  • Travelers can eat with peace of mind.
  • Eliminates the hassle of searching for an acceptable restaurant.
  • Benefits can be obtained by being referred by the travel company in advance.

Agency Merits

  • By providing travelers with information on Halal restaurants, customer satisfaction may be enhanced.

Our company’s strengths: Information network that covers all of Japan

We originally started off as a wholesale supplier of Halal produce, and therefore possess a lot of information on Halal restaurants across the country.

We provide tourists coming to Japan with useful information on Halal restaurants.

Selling travel and souvenirs as a set for Muslims

japanese souvenir halal

The current situation in Japan is that there are very few sweets that are made without using pork or alcohol in the ingredients.

When selling travel products, why not also sell sets of non-pork, non-alcohol sweets that we sell together with your travel products?

Agency Merit

For sales of souvenir sets, your company can receive sales commissions without actually stocking any of the product.