Inbound Land Operator

We develop some BtoB travel service.
We mainly assist overseas travel agencies in creating travel plans to Japan.

Our concept

We have been in the food wholesale business since 2013.
In particular, we focus on halal food and vegetarian food products.

In Japan, there is still a lack of diversity in the various types of food.
As the number of foreign tourists visiting Japan increases year by year, there is a lack of support for Muslims and vegans, for example, and they often have trouble finding food.

If you come to Japan for a trip, many of you will want to enjoy the delicious Japanese food.

That is why we have started our travel arrangement business.

Tour Offered

We offers the widest array of travel services including cultural, recreational, adventure, corporate, conferences and special group arrangements as well as the most exciting incentive travel packages.

  • Travel arrangements for group tours
  • Planning and preparation of travel plans
  • Planning of tours for individuals
  • Experience-based tours

Restaurant Matching Information

We make arrangements for restaurants that provide for halal, vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free food, of which there are still few in Japan.

In Japan, searching for restaurants that meet specific customer needs such as food type, price, and preference for private rooms can be difficult.

Since we provide variety food nationwide, we can utilize that information to provide information about restaurants that match the needs of customers.