Langue De Chat

The treat has been crafted into a relatively thick slab for a proper experience of its flavors, and the combination of crumbly cookie and rich chocolate is simply excellent.

We are currently offering langue de chat with 12 flavors.

All shortening and emulsifiers used in the product are soy-based, and no pork-based or alcoholic ingredients were used.
We do not also use partially hydrogenated fats in our products.

OEM support is available for packaging and design.


A light cookie dough filled with chocolate cream.
We have three types of flavour, Vanilla, strawberry and Matcha.

We do not use any alcohol or pork ingredients.


Originating in Germany, Baumkuchen is a layer cake with characteristic rings which resemble tree rings when sliced.

This is a high quality layer cake made with the best ingredients. It is moist and fluffy.

We supply very delicious Baumkuchen.

Bean Snacks

This is a snack made from roasted soybeans and coated with powder.
It is a nutritious and healthy snack made from whole soybeans, which are high in protein, vitamins, and minerals.


This is a product of a historical confectionery maker in Kyoto.

Komaru Fry: The rice cracker is made by baking a flour dough together with plenty of fava beans.
Karurusu: Soda rice crackers with a hint of sweetness and saltiness that brings out the flavor of soda.
Osen: Mini-sized rice crackers made with lots of fava beans and peanuts: Osen


MOCHIKON is a healthy sweet that is made of konjac but has a “soft and chewy texture” like a mochi.
This is the perfect sweets for those who are health-conscious.

This product has Halal certified.


These gummies are manufactured with konjac.
It contains no animal ingredients, is high in dietary fiber, and has zero fat. They are very healthy snacks.