We sell delicious and high quality Japanese sweets.

Premium Langue De Chat

The treat has been crafted into a relatively thick slab for a proper experience of its flavors, and the combination of crumbly cookie and rich chocolate is simply excellent.

All shortening and emulsifiers used in the product are soy-based, and no pig-based or alcoholic ingredients were used.

OEM support is available for packaging and design.

Couque D’asses

Thin Cookies & Chocolate

Savory combination of melts-in-your-mouth langue de chat cookies with chocolate.
Delicious smooth and rich white chocolate spreads in your mouth.

The Matcha Baumkuchen

Our extremely popular product, the matcha baumkuchen, is back in stock. Visitors from abroad often buy this green tea flavored layered cake as a souvenir. 

Genji Pie

Crispy and savory

Genji Pie is made from finest ingredients of wheat flours margarine, sugar and more.This heart shaped-piehas been enjoyed since 1965.
Why not make your tea timemore delightful with Genjji?


Dorayaki is famous for being a favorite of Doraemon, from the famous Japanese anime; ours conforms to halal. Japanese dorayaki contains adzuki beans, but ours contains chocolate.
The soft, fried outer layer with our proprietary chocolate filling is perfect for everyone from young children to the elderly.