Green Tea

Organic Japanese Green Tea

We sell top quality Japanese Tea from Oita,Shizuoka and Kagoshima, a major tea-producing center in Japan.
Utilizing the rich climate of Japan, we bring you the finest Tea Leaves that have been lovingly processed through organic cultivation.

Japanese Tea is cultivated in all parts of Japan.
We stably produce the finest quality Tea Leaves not only in cooperation with contracted local farmers, but also with farmers from major production areas in other parts of Japan. 

Organic Japanese Green Tea -Takahashi Seicha

This is a product of Takahashi Seicha, the first company in Oita Prefecture to engage in organic cultivation.
The tea plantation is located in the mountains at a high elevation, with a large difference in temperature between cold and hot, making it ideal for tea cultivation.
The company engages in integrated manufacturing from cultivation to production and packaging.

Organic Tea Brand : Wa-in

This is a original brand product that uses Organic Tea. There are five types – Sencha, Sencha with Matcha, Hojicha, Genmaicha with Matcha and Matcha – available in both tea bag and leaf varieties.

This is a product aimed at the retail market that uses only Organic Tea. WA-IN is an our original brand and it is our hope that the health-conscious people of the world will enjoy it. 

Organic Green Tea

Secnha (Tea bag)

The Tea Leaves we use are carefully selected from a wide range of varieties and are blended by experienced Tea Makers. The synergistic effect the various varieties of Tea have on each other creates blends of the very highest quality.

Genmaicha (Tea bag)

This is a Blended Tea made from Sencha and Genmai. Green Tea is a Cancer and Aging preventative and Genmai helps to burn body fat and creates beautiful skin and hair. Ideal for health-conscious Customers.

Matcha Powder

Japanese Tea is not only used in traditional Tea ceremonies but is also used in many food products. Not only ice-cream, chocolate and sweets, but also in gyoza dumplings and soba noodles.

Houjicha Powder

A characteristic of deeply-roasted Sencha is its aroma. Containing little Caffeine, it is gentle on the stomach and is suitable for children, the elderly and the sick.

Sencha Powder

Use it as a topping for ice cream and drinks, and for baking cakes, cookies, and other sweets.

Regarding Wholesale Distribution

We wholesale the finest Japanese Tea and organic Tea, for professional Customers as well.
Additionally, according to the needs of the Customer, we can create Original Blend
Please contact us regarding Tea for food manufacturers, sales stores and eateries.