Langue De Chat

Langue De Chat

The treat has been crafted into a relatively thick slab for a proper experience of its flavors, and the combination of crumbly cookie and rich chocolate is simply excellent.

We are currently offering langue de chat with 12 flavors.

All shortening and emulsifiers used in the product are soy-based, and no pork-based or alcoholic ingredients were used.
We do not also use partially hydrogenated fats in our products.

OEM support is available for packaging and design.

We have two package sizes: 10pics and 5pics.

Langue De Chat 10pics

Langue De Chat 5pics

Adjustment of ingredients and factory standards for export to other countries

We manufacture so that our products can be enjoyed in countries all over the world.

  • 360 days of shelf life
  • Room temperature shipping is possible
  • Can be purchased from minimum of 5 cases per 1 flavor
  • Our factory is FSSC22000 certified
  • No use of Partially Hydrogenated Oils(PHOs)
  • No use of pork or alcohol
  • OEM available

The additives used in our products are as follows

  • Emulsification (Lecithin)
  • Flavor
  • Acidulant(Citric Acid)
  • Colour(Beet red, Carotenes,Caramel)

We select additives that can meet the regulations of each country.

Shelf Life360 days
Package Size145×250×35 mm
Weight (Net Weight)150g (90g)
Package MaterialsPaper Print Box
Carton Size315×550×225 mm
Unit in Carton30 units
Carton weight5.3kg
Storage Conditionplease avoid to high-tenperature and humidity & direct sunlight
Shelf Life360 days
Package Size90×110×45 mm
Weight (Net Weight)68g (45g)
Package MaterialsPaper Print Box
Carton Size295×570×245 mm
Unit in Carton72 units
Carton weight6.0kg
Storage conditionplease avoid to high-tenperature and humidity & direct sunlight


A light cookie dough filled with chocolate cream.
We have three types of flavour, Vanilla, strawberry and Matcha.

We do not use any alcohol or pork ingredients.