Japanese Soy Sauce

Soy sauce is made from soybean, wheat and salt, all of which are simple and natural raw materials. Fermentation and maturation in the wooden barrels built 200–300 years ago, with a great deal of time and effort by skilled artisans, make the raw materials into our moromi (semisolid, unrefined soy sauce), which we extract soy sauce from.
Soy sauce is spotlighted not only in Japan but all over the world. It is used for sushi or ramen, as well as French or Italian dishes.

Dates Syrup

We suggests natural Dates (Dates Concentrate Juice) to replace sugar.

Dates is the fruits very rich in nutrients and is stocked as daily foods in Middle East.

Dates enables to produce sugar-free food using natural juice.
Rich in Mineral, Dietary fibers, Polyphenol and so on. About 5 times Calcium to milk, 4 times to green pepper. Zinc equals to spinach. Around 4 times of Iron to prune.