In addition to Omi beef and Hida beef, which are premium brands even within Japan, we also offer a wide range of Japanese black beef from Hokkaido,Tohoku and shikoku, domestic beef and crossbred beef.
We also handle Halal beef.

Wagyu Japanese Beef

We can provide beef by the block, rather than in full. And we also offer proposals for how to use and enjoy the wide variety of cuts.


Certified Omi Beef cattle are raised in the rich, natural environment of Shiga prefecture, and on the pristine waters that spring from the mountains surrounding the “mother lake”, Lake Biwa. The Omi Beef brand is the oldest in Japan.

Hida Beef

Hida beef is an appellation given only to Japanese Black beef produced in Gifu Prefecture that is especially outstanding. 
Delicately textured and tender, Hida beef is acclaimed for tastiness that seems to melt in your mouth. 

Furano Beef

Furano Wagyu Beef Cattle and Furano Beef Cattle are raised and cultivated together at the Hokkaido Furano basin.
Furano Wagyu Beef is Taniguchi farm’s signature beef.
Through out independent research, our signature beef achieves the highest quality and tastiness.

Hidakami Beef

Wagyu is evaluated its inner-muscular fat, marbling in history. However, its flavor and nutrition are also considered as a part of quality of Wagyu these days. Hidakami Farm focused on these wonderful advantage of Wagyu and made researches to find out the best methods to enhance it.Finally they reached their goal, Hidakami Wagyu from Miyagi.

Halal Beef

We propose price ranges and cattle breeds to meet the needs of our customers.
And we have acquired “Halal certification,” an accreditation given to products manufactured in accordance with Islamic precepts.

We propose price ranges and cattle breeds to meet the needs of our customers.