Wagyu Japanese Beef

In addition to Omi beef and Hida beef, which are premium brands even within Japan, we also offer a wide range of Japanese black, domestic beef and crossbred beef.
We also handle Halal beef.

Wagyu Beef

Types of Wagyu and Their Unique Characteristics

Cattle that are recognized as Wagyu are four breeds including “Japanese Black,” “Japanese Brown,” “Japanese Shorthorn,” and “Japanese Polled” and interbred hybrids of those four breeds. Among these breeds, 90% or more are “Japanese Black” which is raised across the country. Japanese Black Beef has the characteristic of elaborate “marbling” (the fat is entwined in the meat in an irregular mesh pattern).

The characteristic of Wagyu is the marbled fat distributed through the muscle fibers known as ‘ Shimofuri’ in Japan. The marbled meat of Wagyu gives an extremely tender, melt-in-the-mouth quality.

Our Brands


Ōmi beef, heralded as one of Japan’s oldest and most historic Wagyu brands, originates from the picturesque Shiga Prefecture, located beside the ancient Lake Biwa. With a heritage stretching back over 400 years, Ōmi beef stands is recognized as one of the three great Wagyu breeds in Japan, alongside Kobe and Matsusaka beef.

This esteemed variety is renowned for its superb marbling, which contributes to its rich, succulent flavor and tender texture that melts effortlessly in the mouth. Raised in a serene environment, the cattle benefit from a diet of local grasses and pristine water from Lake Biwa, enhancing the natural flavors and quality of the meat.
Such meticulous husbandry practices ensure that Ōmi beef not only delights with its flavor but also impresses with its consistency in tenderness and juiciness.

Hida Beef

Hida beef is renowned for its exceptional quality and exquisite flavor. This premium beef comes from black-haired Japanese cattle that are raised with meticulous care in the Hida region. The cattle are fed a special diet and given pure mountain water, contributing to the beef’s characteristic marbling.

Hida beef is celebrated for its rich, texture and a melt-in-your-mouth tenderness that distinguishes it from other Wagyu varieties. The fine marbling not only enhances the flavor but also ensures that each bite is supremely juicy and flavorful.

This beef is a testament to the artisanal farming practices of the region, where each cattle is treated with respect and care.

Okaki Wagyu Beef

Nestled in Shiga Prefecture, Okaki Farm raises its distinguished Okaki Wagyu with meticulous care and a commitment to quality. This Wagyu is known for its fine marbling and rich flavors, enhanced by a specialized feeding regimen and a pristine environment. The warm climate and pure waters of Shiga provide ideal conditions for these cattle.

Okaki Farm proudly offers the unique taste of Okaki Wagyu, a culinary delight that brings the essence of Japan’s finest beef to tables across the country. Enjoy this supreme experience and taste the luxury of genuine Wagyu.

Arita Wagyu Beef

Arita Wagyu from Miyazaki Prefecture stands out for its rich marbling and unique flavor profile, blending sweetness with umami. Raised in Miyazaki’s temperate climate, these cattle are nurtured on a diet of local grains and pure water, enhancing the beef’s buttery flavor and tender texture. Ideal for various culinary methods, from traditional Japanese shabu-shabu to Western steaks, Arita Wagyu offers an exquisite dining experience. Perfect for fine meat connoisseurs and culinary explorers alike, it showcases Miyazaki’s rich agricultural heritage.

Halal Beef

We have acquired “Halal certification,” an accreditation given to products manufactured in accordance with Islamic precepts.

We have the following brands of Halal beef.

  • Omi Beef
  • Hida beef
  • Kumano Beef

We propose price ranges and cattle breeds to meet the needs of our customers.