Wagyu Japanese Beef

In addition to Omi beef and Hida beef, which are premium brands even within Japan, we also offer a wide range of Japanese black, domestic beef and crossbred beef.
We also handle Halal beef.

Wagyu Beef

Types of Wagyu and Their Unique Characteristics

Cattle that are recognized as Wagyu are four breeds including “Japanese Black,” “Japanese Brown,” “Japanese Shorthorn,” and “Japanese Polled” and interbred hybrids of those four breeds. Among these breeds, 90% or more are “Japanese Black” which is raised across the country. Japanese Black Beef has the characteristic of elaborate “marbling” (the fat is entwined in the meat in an irregular mesh pattern).

The characteristic of Wagyu is the marbled fat distributed through the muscle fibers known as ‘ Shimofuri’ in Japan. The marbled meat of Wagyu gives an extremely tender, melt-in-the-mouth quality.

Our Brands


Certified Omi Beef cattle are raised in the rich, natural environment of Shiga prefecture, and on the pristine waters that spring from the mountains surrounding the “mother lake”, Lake Biwa. The Omi Beef brand is the oldest in Japan.

Hida Beef

Hida beef is an appellation given only to Japanese Black beef produced in Gifu Prefecture that is especially outstanding. 
Delicately textured and tender, Hida beef is acclaimed for tastiness that seems to melt in your mouth. 

Halal Beef

We have acquired “Halal certification,” an accreditation given to products manufactured in accordance with Islamic precepts.

We have the following brands of Halal beef.

  • Omi Beef
  • Hida beef
  • Iga Beef
  • Kumano Beef

We propose price ranges and cattle breeds to meet the needs of our customers.