News of the new brand: Hidakami Wagyu Beef

We are happy to announce that we shall be officially starting the new brand of wagyu beef at the start of the this month.

Hidakami Beef

Creating Wagyu for new advantages

Wagyu is evaluated its inner-muscular fat, marbling in history. However, its flavor and nutrition are also considered as a part of quality of Wagyu these days. 

Hidakami Farm focused on these wonderful advantage of Wagyu and made researches to find out the best methods to enhance it.

Finally they reached their goal, Hidakami Wagyu from Miyagi.

Rich in Nutrion

Hidakami Wagyu contains more Palmitoleic Acid, Oleic Acid, Linoleic Acid than ordinary wagyu.

To make Wagyu Beef for its nutrition, smooth marbling and rich umami in its lean area, Hidakami Farm developed an original mixed feeding. They observe each cattle to control weight and take care of them one by one. For these effort, they can produce High Quality and Fully Nutrition Wagyu.

Inspection Item Hidakami Wagyu Ordinary Wagyu
Palmitolec acid 10.9% 5.4%
Oleic Acid 51.6% 45.6%
Linoleic Acis 2.8% 1.6%
  • Palmitoleic Acid Lower melting point of fat.
  • Oleic Acid Contributes to juiciness meat.( and lower cholesterol levels)
  • Linoleic Acid Moisturize your skin, have anti-inflammatory action and lower cholesterol & the blood sugar level.