Dates Syrup

Our Dates Syrup is a concentrated liquid extracted from 100% dates. It is all natural with no additives or preservatives with no added sugar and is a healthy and nutritious sweetener substitute.

Dates have excellent antioxidant activity, they can just about sustain life.
nd are rich in potassium, have heaps of Vitamin C when fresh and have an assortment of minerals and fibre, and they contain protein and carbohydrates.

Dates syrup is easy to use, squeezed over porridge, waffles, French toast, pancakes or crêpes, or used in baking in place of refined sugar. It’s also easy to add a squeeze to smoothies and drinks when you want a hint of sweetness but don’t want to use traditional sweet ingredients like refined sugar.

What is Date?

Dates is the fruits very rich in nutrients and is stocked as daily foods in Middle East.The origin is the place the ancient Mesopotamian civilization occurred.
It has very strong survival ability and has been cultivated since around B.C.3000. It used to be basic food for inhabitants of the desert and the dried fruit was the preservative sustenance when traveling the sands.

Why Dates?

Recently food industry is attracting more and more attention and general consumers want safer and healthier food as much as possible.

We suggests natural Dates (Dates Concentrate Juice) to replace sugar.

Since Dates Concentrate Juice is fructose, it’s easily changes to energy after intaking. So it’s worry-free for people who care about body fat or metabolic syndrome.

Dates enables to produce sugar-free food using natural juice.Rich in Mineral, Dietary fibers, Polyphenol and so on. About 5 times Calcium to milk, 4 times to green pepper. Zinc equals to spinach. Around 4 times of Iron to prune.

  • Enables products without sugar. Matches variety of foods.
  • Can be used for breads or sweets replacing sugar.
  • Blending to juice makes natural juice.
  • High sugar content makes it possible to adjust with Brix.
  • Rich in Cerium, Calcium, Magnesium and Dietary fibers.
  • Have function warming body to women’s joy.
  • Convenient for coffee or tea instead of table sugar.
  • It can be Replace instead of sugar with same percentage or less in products seems Curry or Retort Food and etc., which will give you perfect RICH taste.